H77 designer Miyuki, who was born in Japan and now resides in Seattle, graduated from New York Fashion Academy, where she learned about fashion design and garment construction.  She took the corset making class and was fascinated its beauty and elegance.  She had an idea to mix Western and Eastern cultures together to make unique corsets so she started making her corsets in Japanese Kimono Obi material.  She also created colorful, fun, playful but formal evening wear inspired by Japanese Kimono and Obi color and design as well as the principles and philosophy behind the traditional creations.  Her creation applied the traditional arts to modern dresses in dramatic and elegant way. 

H77 is a simply elegant blast from the past.  H77 Couture Corsets are all hand made  by Miyuki, who was inspired by the beautiful Kimonos of Japan.  The fabric for the Couture Corsets was purchased on Miyuki’s latest trip to Japan, where she searches the local markets for unique and playful fabrics.